Angie Gerdes

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Andrew Hopgood says... (Reply)
"Thank you guys for sharing this wonderful fellowship meeting and testimony of sister Angie and bringing all your bread to the table, so glad I was led to find it and I wanted to add some thoughts inspired while listening. Grace is love, charity's polarity, and the law is perfect impression of love manifest in the flesh convicting all flesh as sinful, the law is the rules of love perfectly expressed by grace the working of love which is the thought I had viewing this fellowship that by God's grace in and by our Lord Jesus Christ,His love you have established the law coming together in His name through faith, all praise and thanks be to our Lord and God and thanks to all of you, think of turning a glove inside out and laying it down to observe and then turning it back outside in.I have been filled up, to be Holy is to love purely and sincerely without thought by grace, I had recently heard another brother express a similar quote as describe tonight by a brother present regarding sanctification, which went something like, "I am saved, I am being saved, I will be saved" As the Word suggests we will know Jesus how we are now known and we will marvel and admire His love, our heavenly Fathers love in one another and I had a delightful taste watching and fellow shipping with you, when I was a child when I heard the voice "What would you like to be when you grow up?" I really deep down just wanted to say "I would like to be myself and stay as I am thank you very much indeed for asking, beside what is to do with thee anyhow and who are you behind that voice anyhow!?" but I did'nt have Jesus then and we had a sin problem I needed dealing with.

Praying for you all and all that you do and as those in need, for the Lords love to be magnified and have free course in reaching out to the lost." (5/16/17)