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Request for Participants: Questionnaire on LDS Testimony (Current & Ex)Don Johnson08/19/2018
Is It Possible to be GOOD WITHOUT GOD?Sue Beyer1Rob Sivulka1/19/2018
If Joseph lied, is Jesus still Lord?Randy Gavin04/29/2016
What got you questioning?Rob Sivulka6Rob Sivulka11/10/2015
Do you miss anything about Mormonism or what keeps you in?Rob Sivulka7Rob5/2/2015
I bear you my testimony...Rob Sivulka04/10/2015
If Mormonism turns out to be false, does that entail no religion can be true?Rob Sivulka04/10/2015
How are your family and friends regarding your questioning?Rob Sivulka04/10/2015
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