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There are many burned-out by the Mormon Church, and have discovered many of its problems. This group exists to help individuals who are transitioning out of Mormonism. The group also exists for those who are not Mormon, but are interested in learning more about the faith. Given that the hosts are traditional Christians, we invite all those who are at least open to the truth claims of traditional Christianity to attend. Though tolerant of other ideas, we unapologetically hold Christ to be the Ultimate and that our lives are at unrest until they find their rest in Him, and not in anything else... including church organizations. One may be part of a church organization and still be missing Christ. We recognize various church organizations are helpful to bringing people to Christ, but deny the LDS Church to be among those. It is a counterfeit of Christianity. Our worthiness is in Christ alone.


Meet the Ex-Mormons Fellowship is a ministry outreach of Courageous Christians United. Our site which evaluates Mormonism from a Christian perspective is MormonInfo.org. As traditional Christians, we are made up of a number of various denominations. However, we do not stress the particular non-essential issues of those denominations. We attempt to promote what C. S. Lewis referred to as Mere Christianity.

We concentrate on sharing our lives together over meals primarily at our home in West Jordan, UT. We typically meet the second Saturday of the month at 5:00 PM and go until around 8:00 PM. We call these our "Feast and Testimony Meetings", since after we eat, we feature a speaker, who shares how he or she left Mormonism and came to follow the God of the Bible. On occasion, we also hear from others who almost joined the LDS Church or others with ministries to Mormons. Our events are great times to get to know others going through similar experiences as well as great times for education. We video almost all our speakers, and these may be found on our "Videos" page.


Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your interest in this site on our "Introduce Yourself" page, click on "Follow This Site" on the bottom right to receive updates and location information (please check your spam and other folders), and please "RSVP" for our next event! 


Rob and Tara Sivulka


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