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Alice Botsford

One morning, after studying my lesson for Sunday School...looking over my music for primary...writing in my journal...I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies for my five kids who were at changed my life! I had chocolate chip salvation! You are welcome to receive my testimony upon request. Woke up a firm believer in lunch time...Jesus Christ completely changed my life!!!!!

Susan Beyer

Member 47 years. Disillusioned by studying Church History.
I'm married 47 years to a True Believer, former Bishop who accepts my disbelief.
I consider myself a Secular Humanist. I believe all religion is a social construct based upon prevailing myth.
One can be GOOD without GOD.


met two young ladies about 50 plus days ago. I told them at the time while i was doing my laundry that and listening to my favorite violin music. They both took a interest in what i liked. After talking for a bit i told let them know how to find me. the following day they showed up not knowing that they were lds. please contact me,for the rest.


Hi...converted for my husband, to make him and his family happy. Never felt entirely right for me. It's such a long story. Tried to tell him I couldn't do it anymore be something I am notand he threatened to divorce me. After 6 more years and an inability to even speak to him about the matter, I left. I was so emotionally and spiritually weak. He filed for divorce from me and convinced me to let him take my kids. I can't believe I did that, but that's how insidious this religion can be. We are both happily remarried and I have a healthy non LDS church life with my husband. But I have enormous guilt at not having custody of my children as a woman, especially - it's very isolating and lonely place and agreeing that they could be raised in the church. It is an every day anguish. But I believe in Jesus Christ and HIS teachings and somehow I am going to get through. Thank you for letting me vent. Support would be amazing.

nicol zambos

Left Mormonism 5 years ago but my family is still stuck inside.

L. Roundy

Tired of being lied to. Tired of untrained, uneducated, lay leadership. Just tired. I am in search of happiness and peace. Take care of the poor and suffering and real estate and shopping malls don't matter.


Hi. I am tired of pretending and supporting a way of living like the Pharisees. I believe in Jesus Christ and want to know HIM. Friends would be great. This is life changing!


Recent ex mormon

Richard Nurnberg

I am looking for and wanting "true" Christian fellowship. After 46 years of service in the LDS Church, I find myself totally disillusioned and devastated to learn that I have been deceived and lied to. And to make matters worse, when the brethren are made aware of, as if they didn't already know, the lies and deceptions being perpetuated on members and non-members alike, they continue to give apologetic answers to try to satisfy the masses. I find myself in limbo not knowing how to move forward from here. I am unable to continue serving in a church whose leaders refuse to admit the seriousness of the falsehoods taught and preached by the early church leaders. I find myself asking, how could I have been so blinded to true Cristian principals and allowed myself to be so deceived. Ashamed? Yes I am. Hurt? Most definately. Feeling lost? Oh yeah!!! Looking for help on how to get out of the mess I find myself in? You bet. A very good friend and brother who attends the group in West Jordan, Utah has invited, recommended and encourages me to attend this groups activities. He feels I can benefit from, receive fellowship from, and maybe eventually find opportunities to serve. I have always considered myself to be a follower and servant of Christ, Jesus. He said, "I am the way, the truth and the life, no one cometh to the Father but by Me ." Please reach out to me.


I'm glad I found your website. I am also Ex-LDS and would love to help in your ministry. Here is my wife's video of our leaving the LDS church.

Chandra Anderson

My husband and I moved to Utah to start new evangelical congregations and have a heart for those journeying out of Mormonism as well as those still in. Just wanted to stop in and say there are people here in Utah who love you and are here for you if you ever need anything.

Lauren McNamara

Hey, I was a convert from Chicago about 5 years ago. Moved all the way to SLC 3.5 years ago where by husband I had no friends or family for the church, only to learn of all the horrible realities and corruptions. We can't leave yet cause my husband works here now but I feel trapped. I hate it here so much. Whenever I think the madness cant get any more despicable it does. I don't know how to cope with being in the horrible place the church has created. There is so much trauma here, so much pain, so much BS. My heart hurts all the time now. I don't know what to do.

Renae Storms

Hello! I was LDS for about 30 years...I was a convert to Mormonism at 18, left in my mid to late 40's...trusted Christ alone for my salvation at 50...Just moved to Utah from excited to be here and looking forward to meeting y'all!

Side note...Rob thanks for starting the Dallas exmo group that was a huge part in my journey out, and I'm glad we're 'neighbors' again. :

barbara &Rusty Dunbar

Mormons 40 yrs. started reading the Bible and God got us quickly. Caused much pain and heart ache with 4 of 5 kids. But so happy to be free in Christ. Looking forward to meeting all of you


I am the CFO for Courageous Christians United

Brooke Pauley

Hello! My name is Brooke Pauley and I am a person who was never Mormon, but strongly considered the religion as Truth. I did not grow up in the church, but today I am a practicing Christian and madly in love with the Lord. Thank you so much for your efforts of loving the LDS church and bring Truth to them. My heart breaks heavily for them. Thank you!

Frances Groneman

Mormon for 70 years but always had doubts. Now 77. "Locked in" here in Provo but have a few good Christian friends. Feel like I'm just spinning my wheels and would love to get into some kind of ministry. Former teacher experience with Preschool through graduate school. Trained and experienced in music but prefer traditional styles. I'm a good teacher writer and speaker. Mild physical handicap/limitations but mentally and spiritually fit for the Good Fight!


Hi, I am so excited to see all these groups and organizations popping up. I left the church several years ago and prompted by my father to write about my life in mormonland and my path to Christ. It took a decade and got the courage to publish it. All we can say to the Mormon masses to help them walk out the door of the church and into Christ's loving arms, we must do........God bless and support you courageous people...

Jacob Bills

I'm currently a Mormon. I'm seeking an unbiased approach to the truth about God, wherever that truth may be. My salvation depends on it.

Jannette Mavis Harvey Hobbs

I've been a member of this meetup since 2011.

Kay Johnson

Oh, I can't wait to meet all of you. I know you're a great group because so many people tell me about you two. I love the Erskines, the Wilders, and Kay Brown and many many more that I have met in this 3 month journey. Thanks for your meet up group. God bless

Earl and Karla Erskine

May God bless you in your sincere efforts to bridge Mormons to Christianity.

Timothy Oliver

Glad you are still continuing the meet-ups. It's great fellowship whether it's mostly old-timers, newbies, or everything in between. It's so important for people who are trying to break free of Mormonism, or have recently escaped, to have safe fellowship with people who have already been through it all. Keep up the good work!

Natalie Carroll

Thanks for the add. I hope to make it to a gathering one day! I don't get to make it to Utah very often!

Jannette Mavis Harvey Hobbs

Hobbs is my future last name, so I've put it in parenthesis.


Great to be a part of such a wonderful ministry.